Grassworks Digital

Simple Marijuana Menu

The best automated menus for cannabis retailers. Lightning fast, mobile-friendly, and on your site.

Save Time

Our menu updates directly from your point of sale data, so it's always up-to-date. Eliminates labor-intensive manual updates and improves accuracy.

Order Ahead

Customers love our streamlined online ordering. Integrated receipt printing and customer SMS verification make it a hassle-free experience for your staff.

Digital Displays

We can configure dynamic TV displays which show what products are available in-store, highlight specials & promotions, and update automatically.

More Features

Full support for Green Bits, Biotrack, Flowhub, and Korona POS systems

Your menu will push to Leafly, KushGuide, and similar services automatically

Customers can search by name, category, brand, price, THC content, and more

Producing printable menus is quick and easy

Simple Marijuana Menu integrates seamlessly with your website